Eaon Priestly

An inquisitive Nano who talks to Machines


Eaon Priestly was born in Noriage which is in sight of the east entrance of the trembling pass canyon. He looks pretty average in most regards with short messy unbrushed brown hair and the odd grease mark on his face. The most distinguishing feature would be his eyes, always twinkling with curiosity on his kindly looking face.

Being the inquisitive soul that he is and his folks being farmers with not enough time to sate the endless curiosity he had it was not long before he skipped his chores looking for adventure.

His biggest adventure in his youth was the one he made to the empty machine, three days walk from Noriage. He ended up spending an unprepared month there after sliding down a conduit that being just his size could not be passed by. In this unexplored part of the machine he spent weeks. With just himself he started to talk to the walls and anything just to get some mental stimulation while he investigated and tried to find a way out.

Within a few days though the things he started to talk about would appear, such as very old but edible ration packs. As time went by in the absolute silence he was able to pick up some noise at the high end of the spectrum. With nothing but time on his hands he found the objects, spending time with them seemed to help him work out what they were. It slowly occurred to Eaon that he was in a way able to communicate or rather be communicated to and be able to understand the purpose of the devises.

It ended up that the devises were the way out of the machine. He thanked the machine for its hospitality and went on his way, but only after pocketing some choice objects to study back at home.

His folks were not impressed and all but disowned him. After a number of months father observed for himself Eaon’s interest in the farms machinery and almost Innate ability to understand its workings and how to fix and even improve them. It was this softening that led Eaon to reveal the Numenera that he had been hoarding.

His father knowing enough about the world to guess at the value of the objects was elated yet concerned. The following day he ignored the farm for the first day that Eaon could remember. Instead they spent the whole day traveling to what could only appear as a hermitage in the middle of no where. A suspicion looking man came out of the hermitage and had a long conversation with father.

Father brought me forward and instructed be to show the man the things in my bag and what I believed they did. In simplistic terms I was able to detail what each object was and how to control the devise. Suitably impressed the man simply said ‘yes’ to my father and invited me in. My father explained to me that this man was to be my tutor from now on in return for the bag of Numenera and that this was my new home. He made sure I no new my way home and asked for me come visit the farm from time to time.

Though I was sad and confused for the first week, I was soon lapping up all that ‘master’ taught. I was a good student and learned the ways of the Nano easily, spending all my informative years accompanying him around the area and learning from his books in the area. In what little free time I had I would go about the villages in the area and fix what broken machinery was available for the odd shin.

The more time I spent with master and the more I learned from him and for myself the more I knew on how little i did actually know. I needed to know more and so prepared for a number of years for my journey ahead to the unknown. I collated a book on maps and the geography of the land. I collated a book of known plant life and a bestiary gathering information from every source I could with plenty of pages in each to add more. Lastly I was given a book from my master as a gift for my journey, a book of Numenera bound with the seal of the Aeon Priests themselves.

Though Master did not ever reveal to me his past or name I was able to ascertain that he was once an Aeon Priest of some standing. Something happened a number of years ago that made him come out here and live the solitary life, that was until I came along.

My chance to leave came about when a number of the villages started to acquire the madness and one particular notorious woman from Romsriage was starting to upset the locals. I offered my services for a small fee to escort her to the Cylion Basin where it was hoped that the healing pools it was famous for would cure her malady.

And it was at Cylion Basin that the true adventure starts.

Eaon Priestly

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