Tales of the Numenera

Event 3 - Embered Peaks


Troubled Waters
New Friends and new enemies

Day 2

Our heroes decided to pay a visit to Koopman before heading to the Synth Gardens, so headed back to the Tetra Hydra bar where they confront him at the gambling tables.


New comers Eaon Priestly and Milly who hail from a small Aldeia called Romsriage are heading into town after several days hard traveling through the dust of the Beyond. Upon arrival they talk to a cripple, Kaden Feel who directs them further into town towards the Tetra Hydra bar.

upon arrival they saw a strange trio arguing with Koopman who had surrounded himself with bodyguards.

More coming soon..

The Beale of Boregal
A Quest on the Wandering Walk

Day 1

We open the game in the temple of Ohm where the grand high voltage Jorn Fabia, commanded the presence of Meimeek. He informed the gifted young priestess of the strange news that had come to his attention.

A strange device called the resurrection machine exists somewhere to the south west. He asks the young girl to travel to it and find out if it is a machine sent by the great Ohm and if it is a danger tip the people.

Not willing to send Meimeek out on her own, he directs her to the local pub, the War Moth Inn, where he has heard a fellow comrade is currently resting.

Meimeek travelled to the pub and met Leefka who was sharing a drink with a mercenary called Vladimir. After a quick chat they agreed too escort her to find this resurrection machine.

The group journey for a day and join the Wandering Walk. As evening approaches, the sands they walk on start to turn blueand as the light begins to fail they find a camp sight in the shelter of huge metal ribs called the Mouth Cairns.

It’s here they meet the pilgrims of the Wandering Way – the Peregrines.

Day 2

After a night spent safely in the Mouth Cairns camp under the protection of the Slaytoungue. The group rise in the morning to find a strange pair of visitors.

Riding a Scutimorph, which quickly flees are a young man called Patel and his sister Seria. By talking with the young man you learn that they and their family were attacked by creatures called pallones; and that they are riding for help.

Patel begged you to take his sister to the Cylion Basin, saying that she needs some type of protection, while he returns to help defend his family from the attackers. Seria is clearly distraught, barely able to form complete sentences. The only time she speaks is to disagree with her brother. She asks the PCs to leave her and travel back with Patel to help her family in the False Woods. She insists that she can get to the Cylion Basin on her own.

You choose to take the girl to the Cylion Basin.

When travelers arrive in town on the only road in, they encounter a series of five small bodies of liquid, all roughly the same size—about 20 feet around and 3 feet deep—that are arranged in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, and black. Each basin is filled from a natural source with a different color liquid that helps to heal minor physical ailments and illnesses.

After asking for directions from an elderly man riding a wheelchair, the group heads to the town bar. In the bar they meet Koopman a strange mutant with large feathers instead of hair; he suggests for a small fee that they talk to a Mindartist who can be found in town.

The group visit the Mindartist but it quickly becomes apparent that something is not right. He first tries to get Vladimir to submit to his “treatment” and then when that doesn’t work he tries it on Leefka. During the process the group become suspicious and when he refuses to stop it turns deadly violent. Amongst the junk in his house the group finds a curative, which they administer to Seria who becomes clearheaded enough to direct them to Darvin.

Darvin is found in a cottage at the far end of town on the road to the Synth Gardens. She is helpful and friendly, if a little odd and explains she can help but needs some supplies from the Synth Gardens first. Unfortunately the gardens have been overrun by Broken hounds.


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