Jorn Fabia

Holy Order of Ohm


Race: Human
Age: Early 30’s
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Skills: Electricity spell casting


A man with a chequered past, Jorn originallly lived on the streets of Charmonde in Navarene. After getting involved with the Order of Truth he began to wander throughout the Black Riage Mountains and the Plains of Kataru seeking Numenera and coin. During this time he encountered the charismatic young Leefka, a Jack with whom he began a passionate love affair that only ended when he was called away by the Order on business.

Some time after this he became disillusioned with the Order of Truth and struck out on his own, eventually encountering the Holy Order of Ohm. Amazed by their collection of Numenera, peaceful lifestyle and oddly some first hand evidence of the existence of the Lightning Wyrm, he joined their ranks, quickly rising to become their spiritual leader, the Grand High Voltage.

Jorn Fabia

Tales of the Numenera Redbitch